Business cards , keychain money clips andHandycover with engraving

Accessories? So this and that? Practical things for everyday life or funny dust catchers with dedication?

Yes, all that and much more. Here you will find

Personalized metal business cards

Custom stainless steel business card cases

Money clips

Stainless steel keychain with engraving

Napkin holder

Hip flasks or hip flasks



In any case: engravings are the hit - even if it's not about love.

Give a good friend who is moving abroad or a future ex-work colleague a memento that will always make him or her smile. The circle of colleagues will be happy that finally someone has a good idea and you can stop racking your brains.

Give your teenager another clever saying for the cell phone case ... if you dare.

Remind the husband / wife by keychain with engraving that the driver's license is a high good. Or make yourself otherwise popular or unpopular - as it suits.

Underline your professionalism with a metal case (aluminum or stainless steel) for your business cards. And on top of it the logo - there the colleagues and the boss / the boss but will make eyes. We also offer business cards made of the metals mentioned above. Let someone try to tear them or scribble on them!

Find a suitable object, start the designer and off you go. The best ideas will come to you as you try them out. Feel free to get inspired by our many hundreds of examples. If you need advice, feel free to call us. We are always surprised what our customers come up with. Often we are thrilled together after the implementation.

Our engravings are the result of the most modern laser technology - the beam is only 0.028mm thick, therefore very fine conversions are possible - always in relation to the overall size of the engraving to see. The eye can only see details to a certain extent, so please note the dimensions in the item description. What looks so nice and big on your screen is in reality considerably smaller, sometimes you forget that in the heat of the moment.

Technically speaking: The laser penetrates the material and burns it - this is the principle, but it can be applied in a very variable way, which means that we are able to produce very fine, but tangibly deep engravings. The deeper the engraving, the longer the process takes. Depending on the motif and material, this can perfectly bring out the desired effect.

Conversely, very fast in the technical implementation, but also permanent are engravings that consist in the removal of a colored coating, that is, your bracelet is made of black coated stainless steel, then the engraving arises from the fact that the laser removes the coating furiously fast, but permanently, here lives the effect of the clear contrast between black and white.

Try it and make an unforgettable gift. Does not have to be expensive.



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