Silver jewelry

Classic material meets modern design

Silver has always enchanted people of all cultures with its brilliance. Because of its good workability, it has always been one of the preferred materials for jewelry of all kinds.

At you buy cheap directly from the wholesaler high-quality earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets and much more from 925 sterling silver.

Heartfelt greetings

"from 925 sterling silver

Chain pendant in a hearty design.

Top 5 silver hearts of our customers

Heart shaped silver pendant, 18x19mm
Heart shaped locket heart made of 925 sterling silver, 25x25mm
Red heart zirconia with silver chain
Heart-shaped matte pendant made of 925 sterling silver, 15x15mm

Silver earrings

in retro style

Cultish in the style of past decades.

Top 5 retro earrings from our customers

Earrings oval made of 925 silver with a finely coated element on the inside
Earrings oval 925 silver, small clear crystals
Earrings oval, 925 silver, inside with noble gold-plated layer
Noble sterling silver earrings with a retro look
Earrings with four ovals 925 silver in a retro look

Silver jewelry as a gift

Jewelry made of silver is very popular not only because of its shine and soft appearance. Silver is a "warm" material, which makes silver jewelry very pleasant to wear. But not only its visual and tactile properties make silver jewelry an ideal gift.

Silver is a rare precious metal, which like all its "colleagues" is very stable in value. Thus, for decades, the price of silver on the stock exchanges increased, in some cases, even more than the price of gold. Jewelry made of silver will never lose its material value.

The ideal value of each piece of jewelry comes from the occasion on which it was given as a gift. In every gift there is a little message, a little declaration of love. A very special meaning is given to the jewelry, if it is provided with a message, a dedication and thus emphasizes the memory of the occasion or the givers.

Silver jewelry with engraving

Here in theSilver jewelry Store of International Connection you have the opportunity to make something special out of your jewelry. We also offer many of our rings, pendants or bracelets with individual engraving.

We engrave using one of the most advanced laser processes available on the market - in true laserDeep engraving. The process enables the finest text engravings with the highest contrast, motif and photo engravings in the finest resolution - not only on silver jewelry.

More is possible here than just engraving names or initials. Design your own silver jewelry with our design tool according to your ideas and give individuality and unique memories.

Capture a newborn's footprint on a chain pendant, give a love poem engraved on 925 silver, there are almost no limits to your ideas.

We realize all this with the best service at reasonable prices. Our engraving workshop produces your jewelry professionally and carefully, yet at a speed that is second to none. Our processes allow us to regularly fulfill your engraving request within one value day.

Challenge us!


Silver jewelry

At you buy cheap directly from the wholesaler high-quality earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets and much more from 925 sterling silver.

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