charm bracelet pendant and charm pendant

Why is it called a "charm bracelet"?

The older citizens - especially the ladies - may remember: When they were little and went on vacation with their parents, they were given a pendant with the city coat of arms for their little bracelet in this or that place. The more you traveled with mom and dad (that's how it used to be) in Germany and Austria and Switzerland, the more jingling the bracelet became - more and more little pendants were added. Perhaps even today in the souvenir stores such pendants are offered - the author of this text does not know, she longer no longer looked.

This has nothing to do with begging. In the past, it is assumed, the wearers begged for the pendants. Then there was a tradition in the Middle Ages that beggars, if they wanted to enter a city, first had to ask for permission to do so. If they got permission, then they received a bracelet with a coin on it to show that they were allowed to be there.

However - since then, fortunately, a lot has changed - the so-called charm bracelets are sold by well-known companies for expensive money - I'm not naming any names. It's also no longer about city coats of arms or any coins at all, but miniature pendants that brighten up the bracelet and are often symbolic of the wearer's interests, hobbies and personal history.

Here with us, at International Connection, you will find very beautiful small charms, which is the name of the pendants for the charm bracelets - made of fine sterling silver, which you can hardly find in stores anymore, or at moon prices. We offer a charming collection of lovingly crafted small charms (not industrially stamped, but cast by hand). Take a look around and put together your personal collection.

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Do you have a girlfriend with a collecting tic?

So lucky for you - you have it easy with the gift giving!

Cute little fairies, skulls, witches, glitter hearts, enameled cherries, little ball cars, rockets, wands, fish, sailing ships, unicorns, umbrellas, jumping deer, apples, crosses, tiger teeth, crowns, guns, keys, mini handbags, rocking horses, airplanes, swimming ducks, dredgers, diving helmets, microphones, Kokeshi dolls, propellers, handcuffs, playing cards, flip-flops, fleur-de-lys, Mississippi steamers, Venetian masks, Celtic motifs, etc - did we forget anything? Can you think of anything else?

Do yourself and us a favor and take your pick! ... Yes, there are also charm pendants with engraving - in the appropriate section.

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