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Silver Jewellery

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In our silver collections you will find classic and modern jewellery made of the material that makes hearts beat faster. Jewelry made of silver-925 is simply timelessly beautiful. Whether finely crafted silver earrings and silver pendants in retro style, silver chains and rings with sparkling stones, our silver jewelry creations impress with the finest workmanship and the highest quality. Hide photos of your loved ones in small medallions or give your anthology special charm with our magical silver charms. With silver jewellery from International Connection you give joy and lasting things.

A small selection

Piercing jewellery

by International Connection

In addition to exquisite silver jewelry, you can expect more than 3,000 piercings in our jewelry shop in a wide variety of designs and sizes, e.B.:


Silver jewellery in a large selection

Whether necklaces, chain pendants, earrings, rings or bracelets, no wish remains unfulfilled in our wide range. Let yourself be enchanted by the wide range of silver jewelry, stainless steel jewelry & piercing jewelry and find the right piece of jewelry for your personal style in our shop. Whether a sparkling highlight for festive occasions or just to emphasize the outfit, there is something for everyone in the jewelry shop of International Connection. We also have a wide range of men's jewellery available for the lords of creation. In our shop for men's jewelry you will find, for .B, a selection of noble cufflinks that round off every suit. With our engraved signet rings you set highlights in your personal outfit, our leather straps emphasize the masculine appearance. Our jewelry becomes particularly individual with a personal engraving, which we offer with various pieces of jewelry.

Jewelry and silver jewelry with engraving

Rings, pendants, bracelets or necklaces acquire a special meaning with personal engraving. Whether baptismal necklace, name bracelet, a pendant with dedication, silver jewelry or stainless steel jewelry, in our engraving shop you will find the right piece of jewelry for every occasion. Noble materials and high-quality workmanship ensure long-term pleasure. With one of the most modern laser processes, we engrave your individual jewelry in breathtaking quality. The results impress with their fineness and rich contrast, which can only be achieved with a real laser depth engraving. Our engraving machine not only allows texts and any motifs of unmatched clarity, it also enables high-resolution photo engravings on jewelry made of a wide variety of materials. The symbiosis of engraving depth and the typical blackening of a laser engraving gives the engraving a permanent contrast.With the jewelry engraving tool, which is available online on many articles, you can create extraordinary individual creations in no time at all. As a rule, you will hold your unique piece of jewelry in your hands within two working days!

Individual accessories and gifts

In addition to the classic engraved jewelry, stainless steel and silver jewelry, you will find a variety of useful accessories and gifts in our online shop. High-quality key rings, noble money clips, modern business card cases and - brand new - also stainless steel business cards with individual laser engraving. Friends of the cultivated nicotine pleasure will be pleased about our cigarette cases or also a Zippo with personal engraving.

Order jewellery at a low price

International Connection Sims Gmbh has stood for reliable online trading since 1996. With an order in our jewelry online shop you benefit from years of experience and first-class service.The security of silver jewellery begins with the SSL encryption of your data and continues with numerous verified and secure payment methods. Our own logistics center guarantees fast processing and secure shipping. For each shipment you will receive a fully automatic link with ID for shipment tracking.

Piercing Jewelry

It all started with Piercing jewelry. In the 90s, when piercings became en vogue, we began to make a name for ourselves in this segment throughout Germany. Over the years, our collections have repeatedly set trends in body jewelry, especially in the area of navel piercing. Today, as a wholesaler, we supply not only many local piercing studios and stores but also well-known mail order companies. While in previous years our catalogs were regularly sold out shortly after they came out, today you no longer have to worry about missing out on the latest creations. Our entire range, consisting of approx. 3000 items in countless variations, is available online 24 hours a day.

Silver Jewelry & Piercing

In the field of piercing jewelry, sterling silver is used almost exclusively as a jewelry element. Particularly popular are e.B belly button piercings with designs made of silver. Pure silver jewelry can also be found in piercings as a so-called fake piercing. Flexible clips made of 925 silver look like a real nose piercing, but are "only" clamped to the nostrils.

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