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Pendant with engraving

In the variety of our offer of pendants with and without chain, medallions, doughnuts (or doughnuts - which are flat discs with a cutout in the middle), dog tags (an original military concept gratefully adopted by the music scene), couple pendants (for lasting lovers) and dog tags (man's best friend - sometimes it's a cat) you will also find those that can be personalized or engraved. You can use the images in our store as a guide or get inspired to implement your own idea as an engraving. In our design tool you will find a lot of symbols, motifs, sayings, quotes and mottos to play with. And you're on your way to an individual and perfectly personalized gift.

People have always given each other special gifts to show their attachment. An engraving reinforces this intention all the more because it is addressed to a very specific person, like a dedication. This is much more than an enhancement of the neckline or an extravagant neckline. Rediscover your sense of romance, live out your feelings in metal for once!


Gifts with a personal touch, completely individual

Put your creative ideas into practice! Here at you design unique & personal gifts in a short time. Our engraving software allows you almost unlimited possibilities your individual pendant. Texts and graphic objects can be freely moved, scaled and also rotated. We provide you with several motifs and symbols that you can use when designing.

With us not only the thoughts are free, but also the text is movable: The tool offers him the possibility to generate a text that follows a circular shape, so you create the perfect donut pendant with engraving. In addition to many deposited motifs, you can of course also upload your own motifs, logos or photos. Design your individual pendant with a unique engraving now.

Engraved pendants - high quality, cheap and fast

The individual engraving of your pendant takes place directly in our company. We use one of the most modern laser processes currently available on the market. This is not the frequently encountered laser inscription, or even a simple imprint. No: our engraving is a real laser engraving, where material is precisely and permanently removed. Thanks to the highest resolution, our device enables the finest texts and motifs with high contrast, as well as photo engravings in unimagined quality.

Your subject in the photo should be cropped? No problem - we can Photoshop and, for an additional charge, set the important in such a way that the desired effect is created. We realize all this for you in record time. As a rule, the engraving of your pendant will be done within 24h after receipt of payment, so that you can hold your jewelry, your gift in your hands after a very short time. For particularly urgent gifts we offer an express service. In these cases, please contact us by phone so that we can align our capacities accordingly.

In any case

we implement your small works of art carefully, quickly and cost-effectively. From the idea of your engraving design on the PC to the final engraving, everything happens in our house. So you enjoy service from one source, without misunderstandings and waiting times. Our store in the Bergheim pedestrian zone (near Aachener Tor) regularly completes your engraving order within one working day.

For our webshop customers: With our shipping partners DHL and UPS we realize shortest delivery times without compromising on care and quality. However, keep in mind that some tags are very small in size (note the description in the article text), because this gets out of sight when designing with the software.

What is clearly visible on your monitor can then turn out very small in reality and, in the worst case, become illegible. If there is a need for discussion, please feel free to call us during opening hours or send us an email. Conversely, please also be available for us if we have any questions or other good ideas for your optimal engraving.

Engraving by fiber laser - what is it?

Our engravings are the result of the most modern laser technology - the beam is only 0.028mm thick, therefore very detailed conversions are possible. The laser penetrates the material and burns it - this is the principle, but it can be applied in a very variable way, which means that we are able to make very fine, but tangibly deep engravings. The deeper the engraving, the longer the process takes. Depending on the motif and material, this can perfectly bring out the desired effect on your pendant.

Conversely, very fast but also permanent are engravings that consist in the skillful removal of a colored coating, that is, your chain pendant is made of black coated stainless steel, then the engraving arises from the fact that the laser furiously fast but permanently removes the coating, here lives the effect of the contrast of black and white. Since engraved items are excluded from exchange and return (like all individualized items) we are dependent on you being careful with your order and your details being accurate. Otherwise, all the effort will be for naught... Our goal is your satisfaction, we love positive feedback and will do everything we can on our end to make your order the perfect gift. If you have ordered an engraving from us, check your mails and your answering machine in the following days - in case we have any questions or suggestions.

Brief guide engraving designer


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