Bracelets with engraving

personal and unique

Bracelet with engraving

with us: high quality, nevertheless inexpensive and promptly

Engraved bracelets from International Connection impress with the fineness of your engraving, the high legibility of even the smallest texts, even in combination with symbols and image files. This is made possible by one of the most modern laser processes on the German market. Thus, we realize real laser deep engravings for you at an affordable price and a speed and reliability that is second to none. From the realization of your engraving design on the PC to the final engraving, everything happens in our company. So you enjoy service from one source, without misunderstandings and waiting times.

Our store in the Bergheim pedestrian zone (near Aachener Tor) regularly completes your engraving order within one working day. You can also discuss very unusual orders with us on site and find out immediately whether your wish can be fulfilled or not. (The latter is very rare).

With our shipping partners DHL and UPS we realize shortest delivery times without compromising on care and quality. Your engraving bracelet will be delivered quickly - a prerequisite for this is also the prompt communication between you and us in case of inquiries. So make sure that we can reach you after your order - read your mails and listen to your answering machine. Maybe we have some questions for you.


Engraved bracelets

as individual as you

Individual engraving means more than prefabricated text engravings. Here in the engraving store of International Connection you design most bracelets completely free according to your own ideas. Whether masculine leather bracelets for men, personalized by engraving a motto, a cheeky saying or a small dedication, delicate bracelets for ladies, with loving words or symbols that are important to you personally: you determine the design yourself.

With our design tool it's easy and fast. Place your text as you like, choose from different fonts, use our motif library or upload your own motifs or photos. This will turn your bracelet into a unique gift. If there is a need to talk, feel free to call us during opening hours or send us an email.

A leather bracelet with engraving

custom men jewelry

Especially popular with men are our leather bracelets with personal individualized engraving. Whether braided leather bracelet with stainless steel clasp or as a leather bracelet with stainless steel engraving plate - in our store for exclusive men's jewelry you will find the right accessory for you.

As a small message from the beloved or engraved with a snappy saying, a leather bracelet suits every male wrist. Too emotional? You don't want everyone to see that? Engravings can also be discreetly applied to the inside of stainless steel elements. No matter which bracelet you ultimately choose, you do not have to make any compromises in terms of quality. Our jewelry online store stands for quality in workmanship and engraving, and at customer-friendly prices!

Engraving themes

Almost, but not always, engraving your bracelet is about romance or capturing an important emotional date like engagement or wedding day or when you were struck down by love at first sight. One look at your partner's tender dedication and you'll smile even during a stressful meeting or get through a tense situation better. Because you know: Someone loves you and thinks of you!

Love aside, sometimes it can be about (super-)vital information for first responders - if someone has diabetes, dementia, or some other illness that he or she can't communicate in the acute moment. An engraving that names the illness and has the contact information for the next of kin can help the affected person get the kind of support he or she needs faster. Check out our emergency bracelets - easily recognized by the red cross. Wearing one of these engraved yourself when you're ill, or providing it to a loved one, gives you a little extra peace of mind.

What is this engraving?

Earlier, in the bad good old days, there were only scratch engravings. The more or less skilled artist performed the engraving with fine tools and a magnifying glass to the eye. That was a long time ago and the results of this craftsmanship can be admired in the museum.

The name has remained the same, but the thing itself has become incredibly much more precise. Our engravings are the result of the most modern laser technology - the beam is only 0.028mm thick, therefore very detailed conversions are possible - always to be seen in relation to the overall size of the engraving. The eye can capture details only up to a certain degree, so please note the size information in the item description. What looks so nice and big on your monitor is actually much smaller, sometimes this simple fact gets out of sight.

Technically speaking: The laser penetrates the material and burns it - this is the principle, but it can be applied in a very variable way, which means that we are able to produce very fine, but tangibly deep engravings. The deeper the engraving, the longer the process takes. Depending on the motif and material, this can perfectly bring out the desired effect.

Conversely, very fast in the technical implementation, but also permanent are engravings that consist in the removal of a colored coating, that is, your bracelet is made of black coated stainless steel, then the engraving arises from the fact that the laser removes the coating furiously fast, but permanently, here lives the effect of the clear contrast between black and white.

Don't forget - sizes and lengths must be correct!

Annoying would be: The bracelet is perfect in itself, the engraving completely meets your expectations, but the length is not the right one. Please measure your wrist, leave a little margin and let us know the correct length when you place your order - if it is a leather bracelet that we cut for you. Since engraved items are excluded from exchange and return (like all personalized items) we depend on you to be careful with your order and to keep your information accurate. Otherwise, it was all for naught... Our goal is your satisfaction, we love positive feedback and will do everything we can from our end to make your order the perfect gift. Be available for us, then it will work.

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