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Ash jewelry as a souvenir of life

You have lost a loved one or your faithful friend on four paws? The first time after this loss is marked by a heavy feeling of grief. The desire to somehow keep the beloved friend with you is overpowering, letting go is difficult.
We offer a special place for your precious memories. With our ash jewelry you can carry the memory of a faithful friend with you. Such a piece of jewelry is like a miniature urn - but unlike an urn, you always have it with you.
With an ash pendant you can discreetly carry the treasures that are significant to you. It is like a lucky charm that protects and strengthens you. This may help you better cope with the first period of grief. Such mourning jewelry is also a perfect gift for someone who is mourning the loss of his dog.

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Mourning jewelry, animal urns or ashes jewelry pendants without engraving.

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Ash pendant - contemplation and expression of grief

Ashes pendants are more than just a memento of the deceased. You can use them to carry your precious memories of shared experiences with you. This can help you to cope better with the loss you have experienced and to become aware of your everyday life again.
Ash jewelry makes us think about life, its beauty and its transience. At the death of your faithful four-legged friend, a piece of jewelry may help you cope better with the pain. Your memories are precious and should be preserved, because remembering happy moments supports and strengthens the owner of the pendant in daily life.
Our fillable ash jewelry is equally suitable as a memorial to a loved one.

However, please consider the following points:
Commissioned funeral homes do not always release ashes - not even small amounts. How they are handled varies from state to state, so the urn could be sealed after cremation. Then the ashes can no longer be removed.

Normally, no legal regulations exist when filling a trailer with ashes or with hairs of an animal. However, the so-called resting of the dead is legally protected in Germany and the procedures for burials are regulated differently depending on the federal state. So that there are no discrepancies afterwards, you should clarify in advance whether it is possible to receive a small portion of the ashes.

For filling the trailer, we have included appropriate miniature tools. A funnel and a stainless steel needle are part of the equipment of our ash pendants.


Our commemorative jewelry

At you will find different models for your ashes jewelry. Our star, tear and heart pendants emphasize the intimate relationship of love and memory and are an ideal gift for family members.

A so-called poison ring can also serve as a storage place for small treasures. The poison ring owes its name to its historically proven function. These pieces of jewelry were particularly popular during antiquity up to the Baroque era. In fact, poisonous substances were usually hidden in such a ring. But also medicines could be stored and transported safely. Nowadays, such poison rings are notorious as a repository for rather illegal things. If you want to use the ring as ash jewelry - which is possible in principle - make sure that it is not opened accidentally!


The ashes of deceased

We have all seen in movies that the ashes of the dead are scattered, but in fact the ashes of a deceased person may not be scattered just like that. There are exceptions to every rule: for example, in Berlin, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and in Bremen - here there are cemeteries with ash scattering meadows. Even here, however, the ashes are not scattered, but buried under the turf.

Incidentally, the churches are fundamentally opposed to scattering the ashes of the deceased - it does not fit in with the traditional idea of honoring death and, in their view, also contradicts the personal dignity of the individual.

Now, the relationship of many people to the authority of the church has changed significantly in recent decades for many reasons. Our living conditions as a society have also changed. Families no longer live in one place, as they used to, but in cities far away from each other. People no longer die where they were born. Many people rarely see their relatives. Thus, the care of graves has also changed with the loss of the former customary togetherness. It is no longer the same as it was in the days of our grandparents. The tradition of burial is keeping up with the changes in society - the traditional burial still exists, but on an equal footing with it, so does cremation and keeping the ashes in an urn.

Mourning jewelry is a way to process the loss of a loved one, and to acknowledge and celebrate the bond you had with each other in life, even after the fact. So wearing a fine pendant with a little of the deceased's ashes in it can also be helpful for the difficult time of coping with grief.

One thing is certain: repressing the thought of death burdens us more than accepting it - we should celebrate life, but not forget those who have gone before us.

You probably know the two sayings Carpe diem (Enjoy the day!) and Memento Mori (Remember, death is certain).

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