Jewelry boxes displays and jewelry boxes

So the engraving comes on the box!

You are a perfectionist and it is not enough for you that the jewelry is engraved? Or you do not want to have an engraving on the jewelry at all? Or you want to give a piercing as a gift and want to use the small metal box to get rid of a dedication?

Go ahead: Find the box of your choice (pay attention to the size specifications so that it's harnonish) and then start the design tool. Your possibilities to realize yourself creatively here are virtually unlimited. (You have now already saved the gift card).



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Engravings - have always been there....

This is true - but our engravings are the result of the most modern laser technology - the beam is only 0.028mm thick, therefore very detailed conversions are possible - always to be seen in relation to the overall size of the engraving. The eye can capture details only up to a certain degree, so please note the size information in the item description. What looks so nice and big on your monitor is actually much smaller, sometimes this simple fact gets out of sight. We like to remind customers of this fact when it comes to small filigree jewelry. With the box we have less worries, there fits a lot on it.

Technically speaking: The laser penetrates the material and burns it - this is the principle, but it can be applied in a very variable way, which means that we are able to produce very fine, but tangibly deep engravings. The deeper the engraving, the longer the process takes. Depending on the motif and material, this can perfectly bring out the desired effect.

Conversely, very fast in the technical implementation, but also permanent are engravings that consist in the removal of a colored coating, that is, your bracelet is made of black coated stainless steel, then the engraving arises from the fact that the laser furiously fast, but permanently removes the coating, here the effect lives from the clear contrast between black and white. Especially the black boxes look gorgeous with the fine white lines on them.

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