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Keychain with engraving - that's a gift idea with range:

Here you can give free rein to your creativity - the areas of the key tags are relatively large, mostly front and back are available to you as well as numerous design templates. As a first step, take a look at the selection of illustrations and ideas from satisfied customers or try it yourself: In our design tool you will find a lot of symbols, motifs and mottos to play with. And you're on your way to an individual and perfectly personalized gift with engraving!

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Here's how it works:

You choose a keychain with engraving to design, then experiment with fonts and sizes, alignments and motifs. Or you can upload your own motif. Depending on the basic shape of the keychain - oval, round, rectangular or heart shape - you have different scope and can optimally stage your ideas.

Why engraved keychain is such a great gift:

It comes into question for many people with keys: for colleagues, acquaintances, friends or even your favorite people. All themes are allowed and the applications are also diverse. While the colleague may be happy about an engraving of the company logo in combination his nickname in the circle of colleagues, the motto of your club for your friends in sports would certainly also be a fine thing. Or remind your sweetheart of the where, when, how and why of the first kiss. Keychains are a must of everyday life: For your car, your house, the dormitory of your hard studying child, your motor yacht, your villa (), your love nest, and whatever else there is and connects you with others ... Is also not soooo expensive, because not made of gold and diamonds, but of robust honest stainless steel (polished or brushed). Similar articles can also be found as pendants for the collar of your four-legged friend, here you can put your cell phone number, if the beloved dog or the indispensable cat has gone astray again. For other emergencies: see bracelet with engraving

In any case

we implement your designs carefully, quickly and cost-effectively. From the realization of your engraving design on the PC to the final engraving, everything happens at our company. So you enjoy service from one source, without misunderstandings and waiting times. Our store in the Bergheim pedestrian zone (near Aachener Tor) regularly completes your engraving order within one working day. For our webshop customers: With our shipping partners DHL and UPS we realize shortest delivery times without compromising care and quality. The time between the idea and receiving the key fob is short! If there is a need to talk, feel free to call us during opening hours or send us an email.

Engraving by fiber laser - what is it?

Our engravings are the result of the most modern laser technology - the beam is only 0.028mm thick, that's why very detailed realizations are possible - especially for the relatively large-sized key rings. The laser penetrates the material and burns it - this is the principle, but it can be applied in a very variable way, which means that we are able to make very fine, but tangibly deep engravings. The deeper the engraving, the longer the process takes. Depending on the motif and material, this can bring out the desired effect perfectly. Conversely, very fast but also permanent are engravings that consist in the removal of a colored coating, that is, your pendant is made of black coated stainless steel, then the engraving arises from the fact that the laser furiously fast but permanently removes the coating, here the effect lives on the contrast of black and white. Since engraved items are excluded from exchange and return (like all personalized items) we are dependent on you being careful with your order and your details being accurate. Otherwise everything was for the cat... Our goal is your satisfaction, we love positive feedback and do everything from our side to make your order the perfect gift.

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