Belly button piercing

Belly button piercing as bananas, rings or twisters

Find the right belly button piercing

To make shopping as easy as possible for you, we have come up with two filters.

So you can first limit the selection to your desired material. The material here refers to the main components of the piercing jewelry, i.e. bars or rings. If the piercing has additional applications, for example a jewelry element made of silver, then you will see this in the article overview. Other features of the various articles, such as gemstones, Swarovski crystals or pearls are not considered here for the sake of clarity.

Since a selection of belly button piercings, for example, according to 316 surgical steel still brings to light far more than 700 results, we have still classified the bananas and rings a little according to their design.

Here we distinguish between

  • Straight
    Bananas and twisters with simple balls or tips,
    also with incorporated stones
  • Styled
    Piercings with intricately designed balls and/or tips
    or with further decorative elements
  • Crazy
    Bach navel piercings with very fancy design elements
    e.g. large figurative designs or elaborate hangings
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