Piercing bananas

Curved Barbells

in general piercing language called bananas, find your place on various parts of the body, preferably on the navel, the most popular piercing in our latitudes.

You will find bananas of different materials, e.g. titanium for the first use, or also especially flexible bioplastic barbells for belly button piercing during pregnancy. The range extends from simple barbells with simple balls, bananas with tips, to fancy creations with sparkling crystals, wild animals made of silver or with hangings of colorful gemstones or chains.

To narrow down the selection a bit, you have both a material and a "style" filter available:

The material selectable in the filter refers in each case to the primary material of the piercing jewelry, the material of the rod and the screw balls or screw applications. You can then see the materials of further design elements in the article overview.

We have divided the style into three categories.

Straight refers to bananas with relatively simple screw elements. In addition to classic screw balls, these also include barbells with tips or bananas with small stones incorporated into the ball.

By styled barbells we mean piercings with designed elements. So one of the balls can become a small figure, or the banana gets applications from many sparkling crystals.

Under Crazy Barbells you will find everything that goes beyond. Bananas with eye-catching tribal or tattoo designs, with elaborate hangings, just not for the faint of heart.

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