Helix, Forward Helix, Industrial, Tragus, Ear Piercing and Dehner

Helix, Helix Piercing Ear Piercing Plugs and Tunnel Ear Jewelry

Helix, helix piercing, barbells, BCRs, tunnels and plugs, piercing jewelry around the ear.

Ear piercing

No matter if Helix, Tragus, Tunnel or Plug, Industrial or BCR, Ear Tips or Fakes, here in the Piercing Shop of International Connection you will find the right piercing jewelry for your Helix piercing orEar piercing.

Piercings on the ear can be found for thousands of years in many cultures around the world. For example, images of people with striking ear piercings can already be found carved in stone in South America or Egypt. In Western culture, ear jewelry has a long tradition, especially among carpenters. Larger ear piercings with tunnels or plugs are found here, however, only in recent decades.

Piercing jewelry for popular ear piercing variations

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