Signet ring with oval engraving surface made of 925 silver with engraving of your choice

925 sterling silver signet ring with an oval engraving area and your desired engraving - material: 925 sterling silver - size: the ring is available in several sizes - weight: depending on the size, the ring weighs between 10.2 and 10.8 g - engraving area: 13x15mm - surface: oval engraving area is Matted, the rest of the ring is polished - Engraving: as created by you in the design tool - Supplied in a ring box The personal engraving turns the ring into a unique gift. Pretty elegant: Signet ring made of 925 sterling silver with your personal engraving, oval matt surface approx. 16mm high, the remaining surface of the ring is polished to a high gloss, creating an attractive contrast. Please note: Our laser engravings are high-precision and permanent engravings, NOT traditional scratch engravings - our engravings are not suitable for actual sealing with wax, but you will receive a detailed image of your coat of arms. The surcharge for engraving a coat of arms or a graphic is €20.00. The illustration is only an example. apart from coats of arms, monograms are exactly the right choice for this ring. If you have any questions, we would be happy to advise you. The ring is available in several sizes. Please make sure you order the correct size, as engraved jewelry made specifically for you is non-returnable and non-exchangeable. We deliver the item in an environmentally friendly gift box.

Unless otherwise stated, the product image shows an engraving example.

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